Public Relations CEO GLENN SELIG first told the world on June 27, 2011 that award-winning author and Palm Beach/French Quarter socialite TJ Fisher had filed a $70 million legal action against Bank of America (NYSE:BAC), when he announced Fisher’s 15th Circuit Court of Florida lawsuit v. the banking giant on his PR newswire. The story rocked the Internet.

TJ Fisher’s longtime PR representative and spokesperson Selig was tragically killed in a January of 2018 Taliban militant attack upon the upscale Hotel Intercontinental in Kabul, Afghanistan. Foreigners were targeted. He was one of four Americans to die in the 13-hour terrorist siege, when heavily armed gunmen in army uniforms murdered 22 and injured 20. Selig was drawn to Kabul “to explore a potential counter-extremism project,” various U.S. newspapers reported.

The award-winning former news anchor and investigative journalist-turned publicist represented a variety of high-profile clients, prominent and controversial public figures. He was the President and CEO of his Florida-based public relations companies the Publicity Agency and Selig Multimedia Inc.

Selig’s company was dismantled after his death and published Internet media content vanished offline. Lights out, and all went dark. Selig’s press releases on Fisher and her lawsuit against Bank of America are no longer available on his now defunct PR News Channel newswire.

“Glenn was a great journalist, publicist and a loyal friend to his clients,” Fisher said, “a true champion in my long fight against Bank of America. He believed in me and my court case. Glenn was a REAL journalist who practiced fact-checking and truth-telling. Gutsy and whip-smart, he went where others fear to tread. Goliaths didn’t scare or faze him. He was the voice of those with important stories to tell.”

To live in the hearts of others is to never die, Fisher says. The stories Selig presided over remain. Selig’s earlier career of investigative journalism work and the past decade of PR communications can never be entirely silenced, rubbed out or scrubbed from the Internet.

Trusted PR aide and press agent Selig was entwined with the special counsel Robert Mueller Trump-Russia investigation during the time of his death.


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Black Madonna Icon Miracle Jolts Author’s Decade Court Battle v. Bank of America

16th Century Virgin Mary worked foreclosure miracle, TJ Fisher says

February 21, 2018

Florida court rules Bank of America must pay homeowner 6 years of attorney fees on dismissed foreclosure lawsuit

Recent disclosures show BofA secretly paid NFLer $5.7 million to settle banking transaction conversion claim at the heart of TJ Fisher's litigations

April 26, 2016

Key banking expert in Scott Rothstein investors’ $67 million award against TD Bank to testify at author’s jury trial vs. Bank of America for $70 million and related U.S. Bank/BofA foreclosure case

Fallen "socialite" expects more court victories vs. Big Banks within the year

June 13, 2016

New judicial mandate in $70M case pits author vs. Bank of America in Summary Jury Trial

TJ Fisher filed David-versus-Goliath lawsuit against the bank after a ruinous $33.3 million default judgment

April 20, 2015

Bank of America foreclosure dismissal moves forward $70M jury trial against bank

Good news foreclosure ruling paves way for TJ Fisher to bring BofA before six jurors

December 2, 2014

Bank of America’s dark secrets unwind southern author’s life

A November 20th foreclosure ruling could decide TJ Fisher's fate ahead of $70M jury trial vs. the bank

October 23, 2014

Jury to hear $70M lawsuit vs. Bank of America after 3-year battle

Behind the gates and under the royal palms of Palm Beach

April 3, 2014

Bank of America loses 11th hour motion; Jury to hear $70M ‘sleeper’ case

Financial scandal inside the rich, cloistered island of Palm Beach

August 28, 2014

Author narrates American blockbuster saga behind $70M BofA lawsuit

November 27, 2013

Palm Beach author tied to ex-Ravens player and Bank of America litigation releases eye-catching videos

Multiple court cases involving millions in claims move forward

February 29, 2012

Ruling: Bank of America still on hook for negligence claim filed against bank, Palm Beach banker

November 3, 2011

Bank of America loses Motion to Dismiss; Palm Beach author’s case moves forward

Lawsuit involves a $70 million claim against the financial Institution

October 13, 2011

Flamboyant writer stuck in own foreclosure tale

Negligence claim: Palm Beach socialite sues Bank of America for $70 million
Eccentric Southern writer mired in foreclosure saga

August 5, 2011

Author/producer targets Bank of America with a 29-page lawsuit alleging BofA actions triggered a hornet’s nest of litigation and financial collapse

July 20, 2011

Florida attorney Timothy W. Schulz emerges as lead counsel in author’s lawsuit against Bank of America

June 27, 2011